Thursday, 2 May 2013

Laksa - Lorong Rambutan, Air Itam

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Air Itam famous in?? Yes, Laksa. This is not the Laksa at Air Itam market. I found another tasty Laksa, it is located in Lorong Rambutan in a hidden spot opposite fairy height apartment. The couple sell Laksa just in front of their kampung house. There is a narrow kampung road next to their house which can link to Kek Lok Si. We walked to Kek Lok Si with a satisfied stomach after a bowl of Laksa. Best Laksa in Penang!

Dang~Dang~ this is our Laksa! Looks Good and taste great! you can find many pieces of fish meat inside the soup. Now days, it is very hard to look for Laksa with fish meats inside, many stall only serve fish flour only. I love the prawn source also! We added another table spoon of prawn sauce :)

Here is the price of Laksa.
RM3 - Small
RM3.50 - Big
RM3.50 - Take Away (Small)
RM4 - Take Away (Big)

This shop only open on weekend, closed on Monday to Friday.

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